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Welcome to my website! I am Spencer Hudson, an IdeasMerchant dedicated to driving innovation and propelling businesses forward. With a remarkable talent for envisioning fresh possibilities and transforming them into tangible solutions, I specialize in curating cutting-edge concepts that deliver results.

As an IdeasMerchant, my expertise lies in identifying emerging trends, conducting research, and making connections that inspire breakthrough ideas. By actively engaging with individuals and organizations, I listen attentively to their needs and challenges, crafting customised ideas tailored to address specific requirements.

I believe in challenging conventional thinking and pushing the boundaries to unlock untapped potential. My ideas are not confined to the realms of imagination; they are practical, actionable, and designed to yield tangible results. With my innovative solutions, you can stay ahead of the curve and drive growth.

I understand the value of intellectual capital and offer a range of services to help you harness the power of my ideas. From strategic consultations to bespoke innovation workshops, I provide comprehensive solutions that transform ideas into profitable ventures.

By partnering with me, you gain access to a dynamic thinker and visionary mind. I foster an entrepreneurial spirit, fueling collaborations and forging connections that enable you to stay at the forefront of your industry.

Embrace innovation, unlock potential, and seize opportunities with Spencer Hudson, your trusted IdeasMerchant. Together, we'll shape the future and turn your aspirations into reality.

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Technology on the Rise

The subject of technology and what companies should be looking out for is proving to be a hot topic here at IdeasMerchant. Topic(s) that caught our attention:

2023 May - AI Generated music Two different approaches to AI generated music: Traditional Approach (drake) vs New Approach (Grimes). Drake and Grimes offer distinct approaches to AI-generated music. While Drake enhances his sound with AI, he has taken legal action against unauthorized use of AI versions of his music. This highlights the legal concerns surrounding AI-generated music and intellectual property rights. Drake's legal battles shed light on the complex nature of AI-generated music and the need to respect artists' copyrights. As AI continues to evolve in music, clear guidelines and frameworks are necessary to protect artists' rights while fostering innovation and creativity.

Things you can do:

Two simple things you can do <— Technology isn't something to be worried about. Rather, try seeing what uses you have for it! Here are two simple options for your to consider:
(1) sharing stories - blogging - i have spoken many times about online communicatio, including lead a two day post graduate course (PG Dip Public Communication - Online Communication). Blogging is all about communication, typically it's an individual with something to share, and if there is value in what's being shared people can now be eleviated to the lofty heights of being considered an infulence;
(2) selling online - ecommerce - can be as simple as setting up a paypal and listing items for sale via ebay or on a shopify site. Minimal costs and easy to experiment with;
(3) talk - reach out for a conversation—an easy yet transformative move brimming with opportunities;

Content is king  content crowned as king. Originaly wrote this line in 2007, didn't realise quite how true it was, especially given the ever growing infulencers ... from blogging > insta > tictok ... to infinity etc.